Unbelievable! Government to Retry Bundy Ranch Defendants a Third Time!

By Tim Brown

These tyrants just can’t let it go.  They can’t make their case to the jury to find these men guilty so they are going to try them a third time and push other defendants’ court date back further into the future!

After the jury acquitted two defendants in the Bundy Ranch case of all charges against them, they were deadlocked on two others, O. Scott Drexler and Eric Parker, both of Idaho.

Still, they were released from prison on Tuesday evening, but discovered on Wednesday that the government, who could not make their case to the jury, want to try them again.

“Surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes,” said Parker’s lawyer, Jess Marchese. “It’s clear at this point the prosecution is taking this personally now.”

Marchese said Acting Nevada U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre twice called Parker a coward during a court hearing Wednesday.

Marchese said it was unprofessional and unnecessary. “This is a business,” he said. “And there’s no need for emotion in a business.”

It’s actually pretty cowardly what Mr. Myhre has been involved in, in attempts to bring in situation and conduct that occurred well after Bundy Ranch against defendants to make his case, as well as being just fine with holding defendants up to five years without worrying about violating their right to a speedy trial.

Consider that Mr. Myhre is the same man who would not include the men found guilty in the first trial in the retrial for the charges they were not found guilty on because of time and expenses, but he will not let these men go to save money and time and actually give the other men their day in court in a timely manner.

AZ Central reports:

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Las Vegas confirmed Wednesday it will go back to court for the third time in an attempt to convict two men accused of taking up arms against  federal agents. Less than 24 hours earlier, a jury had acquitted two standoff defendants and dismissed the most serious charges …

Nevermind that the keeping and bearing of arms is a right protected under the Second Amendment.

Nevermind that the position of the men and their weapons was a defensive position in the face of hundreds of armed, tactically trained federal agents and snipers with their weapons targeting innocent Americans who were simply engaged in protesting the lawless actions of the Bureau of Land Management.

To demonstrate just how crooked Judge Gloria Navarro’s court is and how in lock step it is with the tyrannical central government it works for, even AZ Central saw what was going on.

Navarro’s rulings, aimed at trying to avoid jury nullification, severely limited defense arguments. Jury nullification occurs when a jury returns a verdict based on its shared belief rather than on the evidence in a case. Navarro barred defendants from discussing why they traveled thousands of miles…

And the Constitution doesn’t give the right for members of an unconstitutional agency to threaten American citizens either, Mr. Myhre.

Because of Myhre’s and Navarro’s reckless and lawless behavior, now Drexler and Parker will have to face another trial and the Bundys and reporter Pete Santilli will have their court date delayed well into October or possibly November.

And why?  Because for Myhre this is not about justice, it’s personal.  That was demonstrated in his attacks on the defendants and their attorneys.

Indeed, it is personal, but it should be about justice.

There are still 11 defendants who remain incarcerated for the past 19 months without a trial and the court’s actions continue to infringe on the rights of these men.

“Those guys want their day in court,” said Marchese.

As for at least one of the defendants awaiting trial, Pete Santilli’s attorney, Chris Rasmussen has filed a motion for pre-trial release.

Sadly, I can tell you they aren’t going to grant it.  They haven’t done so thus far.  There’s no way the government is going to give an inch here.  They have too much to lose.

If you are able and would like to help the Bundy Ranch political prisoners win their case against the tyranny of the central government or would like to write them, please click here.  If you would like to support a house in Nevada that is caring for wives and children of these men as they attend the trials, please click here.

Tim Brown | August 25, 2017 at 6:51 am | URL: http://wp.me/p5P9Tq-1Dm
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Emergency: Democrat Plan To Kill Cops And Overthrow Gov’t Discovered

Published on Aug 25, 2017

Alex Jones talks with Doug Hagmann and Roger Stone about the latest revelations showing the Democrats are moving forward with their plans for a coup against Donald Trump

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Democrat Plan To Launch Second Bolshevik Revolution Discovered

Published on Aug 25, 2017

Doug Hagmann joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down intelligence he’s received from infiltrating far-left, anti-Trump organizations and reveal their plan to spark a Bolshevik revolution.

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Hurricane Harvey Live Beach Cam

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LIVE: Hurricane Harvey WATCH – Category 3 Hurricane Approaching Texas – LIVE Video and Radar

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Science Envoy who Resigned in Protest of Trump: Climate Change Makes Storms like Harvey More Severe

Published on Aug 25, 2017

https://democracynow.org – In Texas, tens of thousands of residents began evacuating coastal communities Thursday, as forecasters predicted Hurricane Harvey could make landfall late Friday as a major category-three storm, delivering a life-threatening 35 inches of rain to some parts of the Gulf Coast. Texas Governor Greg Abbott called out 700 members of the National Guard as several coastal counties ordered mandatory evacuations. Hurricane trackers expect the storm’s eye to come ashore near the city of Corpus Christi, where mayor Joe McComb called for a voluntary evacuation. For more, we speak with Dan Kammen who just resigned as science envoy for the U.S. State Department.

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WATCH LIVE: Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing 8/25/2017

Live: 1:45 pm EDT

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Must file a counterclaim

Jurisdiction can be challenged at any time by filing a counterclaim in a court of record. An example can be found on 1215.org or you can gain access to the member forum where there are numerous example of counterclaims that have been filed in court. When you specify a court of record in your opening paragraph, that makes the court a court of record.

There is specific language that must be used. You can also read the case reference page that shows many of the cases that we include in the law of the case. You must specify the law of the case in your documents. We usually include it as an exhibit, since we try to limit the paperwork to 15 pages, which is typical. Sometimes we go over, but since you are the sovereign of your court, you can accept overages if you so choose.

There are a couple of ways that you can gain access to the member forum. The first is to pay the $30 annual dues. You must notify me when you do pay the dues so I know which user to tie the payment to. The second way you can gain access is to volunteer to be a Constitutional Marshal of the de jure united states of America. We are recruiting 1,000,000 marshals to enforce the common law. The biggest danger to our republican form of government are judges who commit felonies against people every day. To arrest those judges, we need marshal, because obviously the police and FBI won’t do it.

By volunteering to serve as a marshal, you will be helping to defend the republic. Any veteran should step forward, since all veterans are still on their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution for the united states of America. Once we have arrested the first few criminal judges, things will change rapidly throughout the united states of America so you will not have to go through filing a counterclaim for getting a speeding ticket, because all you will have to do is tell the cop you do not consent on the side of the road and he will stop his attack against you.

If you take the oath of office for Marshal, you will be promoted to Contributing Member and have free access to the Member forum. If you are going to take the oath, contact me and I can witness your oath over the phone. You also must have three more witnesses. There are specific instructions for signing the oath, which I will post soon, but I do not have those instructions up yet.

M. R. Hamilton's picture  M. R. Hamilton



Liberty and ignorance cannot co-exist, because: “He who sleeps on his rights has none.” — Superior Court Chief Justice Badge #20001

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Extinguishing the US citizen Trust – by Jaro

Here’s how I interpret the US citizenship Trust and how it might be extinguished.

1) When you get a LEGAL TITLE from the State, you become a TRUSTEE, while the State HOLDS the EQUITABLE INTEREST (TITLE) in the Trust.

2) When it comes to 14th Am. US citizenship, “US citizen” is the LEGAL TITLE, and a copy of a Birth Certificate is evidence of that title.

3) So to extinguish the US citizenship Trust, one has to SURRENDER the legal title (US citizenship), by means of returning the Birth Certificate to the Vital Records Bureau.

4) BUT the US citizenship trust may NOT be revocable, in which case you gotta CLAIM MISTAKE. I.e. you need to challenge the State’s CLAIM that you were born under the jurisdiction of United States (federal gov’t), by claiming your true birth in your state of the Union.  (If this is truly the case).

Of course, the question is, whether you get anything after collapsing that trust. In the case of a car, you’d get a FULL, ALLODIAL title to that car. In case of statutory US citizenship, you should at least get a FULL TITLE to your Name. Meaning that the corporate State would have to SEAL your computer records so that most gov’t agencies couldn’t access them. I.e. the statutory all-caps letter person JARO HENRY SMITH then ceases to exist in public, and instead you’d be recognized as the natural man Jaro Henry Smith, the natural man protected by all pre-1933 Public Laws.

The pic is from “Trusts and Duties of Trustees” from 1912. I can’t upload the pdf since it’s bigger than 5Mb.


Don’t know if I mentioned this before.

Driver’s license is for DRIVING, which is a COMMERCIAL activity. And the use of a car purchased with lawful money, which is NOT for profit, is NOT commercial activity, and thusly does NOT require any license.

The difference between a car bought with CREDIT from Federal Reserve (FRNs), and a car bought with REAL, lawful money (gold and silver coins), is that the car bought with FRNs is BY DEFAULT in commerce and so justly regulated by the State.
While a car bought with REAL, lawful money (gold and silver coins), is in no way in commerce, and is truly PRIVATE property protected by Public (common) Law, and so NOT subject to State regulation on public roads.

You just gotta use counter-claim in Equity in court to assert that, or otherwise avoid admitting that you’re the statutory person/defendant.

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BREAKING! Heather has arrived at Knox County jail in Tennesse!

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Аѕ WH Rеnоvаtiоnѕ Rеlеаѕеd, Еvеryоnе Immеdiаtеly Noted Whаt Trump Put In Еvеry Rооm

President Trump wanted to bring the White House back to its former glory and that is exactly what he did with these renovations. Most of the things were handpicked by him personally. We are lucky to have someone like him in the White House. After 8 years of Obama, this is very refreshing to see.

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“Lionel’s Engagement”

This clip comes from an episode of All in the Family TV Show Sitcom titled “Lionel’s Engagement” which aired February 9, 1974. Lionel’s fiancée’s father is white and her mother is black, which causes a conflict with George and him accepting he may have a white person in his family. 

Q: Why is America so racist, but so passive aggressive when it comes to talking about race? Why can’t we learn something from Archie Bunker and George Jefferson’s raw conversations about race in America???

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Monsters 2.0

12405-judge2banna  Justice Anna von Reitz

I know that this video is making the rounds and that many Americans are in shock as they realize how badly the Bundys and others have been treated by their public employees, yet it is a fitting follow-up to the video I shared with everyone last night that chronicles the history of the Native Americans and particularly the Lakota people who now live on Pine Ridge Reservation.

It shows you in no uncertain terms the kind of brutality and ignorance that has become commonplace among federal government employees, and especially within the subcontracting organizations known as agencies: BLM, FBI, FEMA, BATF, NSA, DHS, IRS, and the list goes on.

Never forget when viewing this video that even worse things ultimately happened as a result of this “stand off”. LaVoy Finicum, an innocent Rancher on his way to a public assembly, was deliberately ambushed by paramilitary mercenary goons acting under color of law — and murdered in cold blood. His family escaped only by the hand and grace of God.

The Bundys themselves have been repeatedly, unjustifiably, railroaded into foreign courts and tried under foreign law under the false presumption provided by deliberately falsified public records misidentifying them as “US citizens”. This is a war crime of genocide that has been practiced against the American states and people by commercial corporations merely calling themselves the UNITED STATES, INC., the USA, Inc., the STATE OF NEVADA, and the State of Oregon.

And the pity is that the people enforcing this evil in our midst are so dumbed-down and ignorant that they think they are doing the right thing. The further ironic pity of it is that they are also the victims of it themselves. They are running their own country into the ground and preying upon their neighbors and benefactors, their actual employers, at the behest of foreign warmongers who have no granted authority to operate in this manner on our soil at all.

We must also remember Ruby Ridge, Randy Weaver, his young son, their family dog, Mrs. Weaver and her baby—- assaulted, murdered, wounded, left without a home and without help to soldier on the face of employees gone wild.

What were we thinking, America? The sniper who shot them is still swaggering around, a free man, decorated for his actions instead of being arrested and tried as a cold-blooded, senseless, brainless murderer who “just took orders” like a Nazi Storm Trooper.

The same thing in Waco, Texas. The vicious Janet Reno and all her brood, still wandering our streets, patting themselves on the back, making up lies to justify gassing and burning alive men, women, and children whose only crime appears to have been owning property close to a secret “government” air strip where goons were running drugs and other contraband into and out of Texas.

And then, the Twin Towers. Do we really need the Engineers and Architects for 911 Truth to tell us the obvious facts? If so, they have done so. They have proven the Truth beyond any doubt in thousands of pages of factual research, tables, graphs, materials science, and laws of physics: it was a controlled demolition, an inside job. A ‘Dustification’.

911 was a deliberate, pre-planned atrocity, executed, filmed in Technicolor from every possible angle, and delivered to us with our breakfast coffee. It was the biggest Hollywood open air performance ever—- and again, thousands of innocent Americans and people from around the world suffered and died at the hands of the Monsters Under Our Bed.

Hello? Houston, we’ve got a problem here…. a criminal element has taken over what is supposed to be our government but which is in fact just two criminally inclined commercial corporations running rampant on our shores.

It doesn’t matter what political party is in office. It doesn’t matter what the excuse is. It’s wrong, horribly, terribly, inexcusably wrong.

And if you are still unconvinced, still think it’s “your country right or wrong”— take another look at what these vermin have done and what they have planned, using your resources against you, using guns that your tax dollars bought to murder unarmed Americans, setting up FEMA camps and buying 30,000 guillotines to kill you like cattle, arming their brainless agency minions to the teeth with billions of rounds of ammunition and buying millions of body bags— all with your money.

Think about it and look at this and ask yourselves—- what if this were my ranch? My family?

It is more than past time to wake up and get up on your feet. The “State of Oregon” today passed a gun confiscation law. It only applies to U.S. Citizens, of course, but the vermin will try to take everyone’s guns just the same — to make it easier for the UN Troops to come in and slaughter Americans.

It’s time that all of you paid really strict attention.

You MUST seize back your lawful birthright political status. You MUST support our efforts and bring law suits and preemptive measures against these Enemies in our midst. Over three years ago, we issued General Civil Orders to the Joint Chiefs of Staff telling them about the plot to use agency personnel to foment and fight another insurrection akin to the so-called Civil War.

The problem was that they just couldn’t find a Hot Button issue that worked.

They tried religion (Christian v. Muslim). They tried racial prejudice (Black against White). They tried social injustice (Rich against Poor). And they just couldn’t get their funky, stewed up, rotten little war machine to work. Too many people sensed the truth and too many foreign journalists paid attention, and overall, their own vile acts have earned them too many enemies.

As I say and as I said before: If the fake United States now being operated by Trustees chosen by Secondary Creditors of this bankrupt commercial corporation attacks Americans it will be instantly known that they are criminals and the “war” won’t be against Americans —- as they had planned.

We Americans have identified the problem— and it isn’t us. It’s the venal corporations that have masqueraded as our lawful government – and the criminal banks behind them. It’s the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. that have caused all the misery, the violence, the warfare, the debt—- all of it.

If push comes to shove in Oregon or anywhere else, the entire world including we Americans will know exactly who is at fault, Mr. Rothschild, and we will all join in whatever action it takes to put an end to this criminality.

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Blue Angels Take To The Skies In Brunswick This Weekend [INFO] Read More:

By Dorian Daniels

Air Show Tops Off Fleet Week

The Great State of Maine Air Show is back this weekend in Brunswick.

And we know many people who would just never miss it. Only an hour and 40 minutes from Bangor (See map below) Great State of Maine Air Show is a thrill a minute.


The show features the U.S Navy Blue Angels at the top of the list promising an adrenaline rushing performance.

Other performers on the docket include:

  • It’s “Fat Albert”, a U.S. Marine Corps C-130 Hercules airlifter. One airplane in the Blue Angels fleet gets its own billing, and it isn’t one of the supersonic Hornet jets.
  • US Air Force Heritage Flight, made up of  vintage warbirds.
  • The U.S. Air Force F-16 Viper Demo Team, performs precision aerial maneuvers to demonstrate the unique capabilities by one of the Air Force’s premier multi-role fighters, the F-16 Fighting Falcon.
  • The Para-Commandos perform precision freefall parachute demonstrations.
  • Michael Goulian performs in air shows in an Extra 330SC, arguably the world’s premiere aerobatic competition and air show plane.
  • Mike Wiskus’s passion for aviation started when he was very young.
  • Kent Pietsch flyings an 800-pound Interstate Cadet with a 37-foot wingspan.
  • Larry Labriola L-39 considered by many to be the most widely used jet trainer in the world.
  • Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car out on the taxiway you can hear the deafening roar of an engine and see billowing clouds of smoke.
  • Scott Yoak was checked out in the legendary WWII fighter, the P-51D “Quick Silver” Mustang.
  • Dan Marcotte a  New England native comes home to show off his Ultimate Biplane.
  • Precision Exotics offering the rush, the speed, and the precision of a powerful vehicle first hand.



Located at the Brunswick Executive Airport, Brunswick, ME 04011

Take I-295 to U.S. 1 N. Take the exit toward ME-24/Cook’s Corner/Brunswick Executive Airport/Orr’s-Bailey Island. Turn right on Bath Rd. follow the signs to the air show entrance – Admiral Fitch Avenue – on your left.

Schedule Is The Same For Both Saturday & Sunday***

Gates open 8:00 AM – Flying begins Noon – Flying ends 4:30 PM – Gates close 6:00 PM

  • Adults Advance Tickets $30 (Save $10 per ticket) Gate Tickets $40
  • Children Advance Tickets $20 (Save $5 per ticket) Gate Tickets $25
  • Children – 3 and under – FREE!
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By David DeGraw 

Mainstream media are the most effective weapon of oppression humanity has ever seen – but the wall of propaganda comes crashing down once you can’t afford to eat. 

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No Government in the US has Jurisdiction Over People | aFreeCountry.com

This is great David! We should have pushed on jurisdiction. I am fighting the state revenue service, and I am using jurisdiction, and contract against them!

Not too long ago I read a case about a man who challenged the city within which he lived, claiming that the town and therefore the government did not have jurisdiction because it was a corporation. One of the cases cited in his defense was Bank of United States v. Planters’ Bank of Georgia, 22 U.S. 9 Wheat. 904 904 (1824) in which was opined,

As a member of a corporation, a government never exercises its sovereignty. It acts merely as a corporator, and exercises no other power in the management of the affairs of the corporation than are expressly given by the incorporating act. The government, by becoming a corporator, lays down its sole…

There is another discussion located at TeamLaw that discusses in great detail the fact that we no longer have a seated original jurisdiction government and how and when our federal government incorporated in 1871 to conduct business without restriction within its 10 square mile district. As has been discussed on this site in other articles, the US Constitution allows this at Article 1, Section 8 Clause 17 which gives the federal government “exclusive jurisdiction” over its territory. However, this clause creates some confusion, since the “exclusive jurisdiction” refers to the area from which Washington DC was cut. Washington DC was taken from the territories of Maryland and Virginia and the Constitution for the United of America wanted to assure that neither of these states had any authority over the new capital. It did not give the govenment of the United States jurisdiction over people without said peoples’ consent, because people are sovereign.

If we check on 28 USC 3002 Section 15, we see that the term United States refers to a “federal corporation”. A federal corporation is one that is formed in the federal territory rather than one of the states. This corporation was formed in Puerto Rico.

This established a means by which the federal government could then fool “we the people” in the schools that it took control of in the 1800’s with one of the wealthy elitist, Horace Mann, at point. It has even referred to the American people as enemies in the Trading with the Enemy Act.

Since then, every state government across these united states of America has followed suit in an effort to circumvent through deceit the US Constitution. The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land in regards to government and none of it can be circumvented through the passage of law. Not even the member nations to the united states of America can circumvent any restriction on government in their several constitutions. Two ways the state government uses this tactic is to charge income and property taxes. Neither of which is legal under both common law and Constitutional law. ( I will have the case references linked here soon.)

Not only have all of the state governments set up private companies like the federal government, every municipality including counties, parishes, towns, and cities have done the same. They form corporations to conduct the business of raising revenue. As such, they have no more legal force of authority over human beings than Home Depot and Walmart or any other private company.

As such, there is no original jurisdiction government in place to uphold even Constitutional law. When any human being is challenged, all the human being would have to do is challenge the jurisdiction of the government at whatever level the challenge arises as not having jurisdiction over human beings, since the government is merely a corporation and human beings have to voluntarily enter into contracts knowingly and voluntarily. That means that the human being has to have knowledge of every aspect of the contract by which he is expected to abide. If he does not know, for example, that getting a drivers license contracts him to pay a state income tax, then the contract was entered into knowingly and voluntarily. Since there is no government that has not incorporated then no government entity within the united states of America can try any case against any human being. The only way that  human beings could be tried for the commission of a crime, is to be charged by another sovereign of equal status, another human being, who also knows common law and knows that other human being sovereigns would have to judge whether or not the human being did in fact trespass against another human being’s equal rights.

Since under common law, government employees cannot testify against the people, then it cannot charge the human. One of the reasons that the government always claims that the case is  The people of the state of vs John Doe is because they are attempting to fool those who do not know any better that it is, in fact, humans that are bringing the charges. They do this knowing that most people do not know the law and do not know that government employees cannot testify. Prosecutors rely heavily on testimony from police and other government employees in many cases ranging from drug arrests to income tax cases to driving under the influence to under age drinking. Since all of the states agreed to a republican form of government, then every single human who is arrested for one of these crimes must consent to the law for which he is being charged a crime. That is one of the reasons that we so commonly hear politicians running for office calling our form of government a democracy. The corporation is a democracy and a democratic form of government does not require the consent of the individual. That is, also, why it is so important to know where you live. Not knowing where you live can mean the difference in going to prison or losing your life and walking free.

Of course, even if we did have an original jurisdiction government seated, any statute passed by the legislative body therein would still require the consent on each human being affected by the statute. This proved to be a huge problem for wealthy elitist.

Those who know that the government is merely a corporation that has not contracted with the people will know that the facade setup by said corporation will not be able to stand against jurisdictional challenges. All contracts require all parties to the contract to enter said contract knowingly and voluntarily. If, for example, getting a drivers license, because agents of the corporate government claimed through its public schools it is required and so getting one entered the recipient into a contract without his knowingly, then such a contract is void for the fraud perpetrated by the fraudulent claim that the human was required to have it and the lack of informing the human he was entering into any form of contract, So the moral of this story is always challenge jurisdiction.

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Jury Refuses to Convict Participants in Bundy Ranch Standoff

No matter how much power the federal government may have, when a jury refuses to side with it, the feds lose.

In what was effectively a case of jury nullification, jurors declined to return any guilty verdicts against four men involved in the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff.

The Arizona Republic called the verdict “a stinging defeat” for government prosecutors. After deliberating for four days, jurors did not return a single guilty verdict. It acquitted Richard Lovelien of Oklahoma and Steven Stewart of Idaho on all counts. The jury also returned “not guilty” verdicts on the most serious charges of conspiracy and extortion against Idahoans Eric Parker and O. Scott Drexler. The jury hung on weapons and assault charges against the two men.

This was the second time federal prosecutors failed to get a conviction in the case. In the most recent trial, the federal government sought convictions on conspiracy, extortion, assault and obstruction charges stemming from the “Battle of Bunkerville.”

During the standoff, armed protesters faced down heavily armed federal agents, along with state and local police, as the Bureau of Land Management attempted to round up cattle belonging to rancher Cliven Bundy.

The dispute dates back to the early 1990s when Bundy refused to renew his permit for grazing cattle on federally owned land near Bunkerville, Nevada. According to the BLM, Bundy continued to graze cattle on the “public” lands without a permit. On March 27, 2014, the feds shut down 145,604 acres for the “capture, impound, and removal of trespass cattle.” Agents began the roundup on April 5. Seven days later, protesters, some of them armed, advanced on what the BLM described as a “cattle gather.” After a tense standoff, and negotiations brokered by Sheriff Doug Gillespie, BLM director Neil Kornze agreed to release the cattle and de-escalate the situation.

Federal prosecutors began charging people in connection with the standoff nearly two years later, after protesters took over the Oregon Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January 2016.

The Bundys argue, and rightfully so, that the federal government lacks the constitutional authority to own and manage large swaths of landw within the border of a state.

U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro wouldn’t allow defense attorneys to bring up the constitutional issues in the four men’s defense and rejected testimony from five defense witnesses. Ironically, she was trying to avoid “jury nullification,” according to the Arizona Republic report.

Navarro’s rulings, aimed at trying to avoid jury nullification, severely limited defense arguments. Jury nullification occurs when a jury returns a verdict based on its shared belief rather than on the evidence in a case. Navarro barred defendants from discussing why they traveled thousands of miles to join protesters at the Bundy Ranch. She did not allow them to testify about perceived abuses by federal authorities during the cattle roundup that might have motivated them to participate. Navarro also restricted defendants from raising constitutional arguments, or mounting any defense based on their First Amendment rights to free speech and their Second Amendment rights to bear arms. In her rulings, Navarro said those were not applicable arguments in the case.

The judge went as far as ordering Parker off the stand for bringing up forbidden topics as he tried to testify in his own defense. According to the Republic, Defense attorney Jess Marchese said the limitations placed on the defense had an impact on the jury.

Marchese said jurors were sympathetic to the defendants and their inability to mount a cogent defense in light of restrictions that prevented them from talking about why they participated in the standoff and what they were thinking while they were there.

The judge apparently thought allowing the defense to raise the constitutional issues or to bring up the defendants’ belief that they were fighting federal tyranny could possibly lead the jury to reject the prosecutor’s case, even if the government could prove the protesters broke the letter of the law. Despite hearing those arguments, the jury effectively engaged in jury nullification. Jurors seem to have made their decision based on their impression that the prosecution was unjust, or at least unfairly carried out. Defense attorney Shawn Perez said jurors knew the government had tied the defense team’s hands.

“By the time the government laid it all out for them, they had already made up their minds … They knew there was no reason for us to go further.”

This verdict is reminiscent of many fugitive slave cases in the 1850s. Federal prosecutors found it very difficult to convict people under the Fugitive Slave Act. For instance, in Syracuse, N.Y., the federal government attempted to prosecute 26 people in connection with the rescue of a recaptured runaway slave known as Jerry. The feds only got one conviction. They simply couldn’t seat juries willing to convict.

We don’t know what went through the minds of jurors in Bundy Ranch standoff case. It may not have been a conscious assertion of a jury’s right to nullify. But it was clearly jury nullification in effect. The jurors used their discretion. They smelled something fishy. They refused to convict. And it illustrates the tremendous power of the jury.

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The Monsters Under Our Beds — Take 20 Minutes to Face Them

12405-judge2banna  Justice Anna von Reitz

Remember when you were a little kid and you were afraid of monsters and bogey men under the bed, phantoms lurking in dark closets, and ghosts in attics?  I used to sleep with my older sister as a child and she always slept on the side of the bed facing the door, “So if any monsters come in, they will have to eat me first,” she assured me.
Well, it wasn’t much assurance. It admitted the reality of monsters….
All in all, it was a good life lesson to consider the possibility of monsters at an early age. It prepares one for adulthood and contesting with the very actual, factual monsters in our world.
One of the strange things about monsters is that they usually don’t realize that they are monsters at all.  They think they are perfectly normal and reasonable, even fashionable and often popular people.
Please take the 20 minutes it requires to learn this actual very succinct history of the monsters lurking under our national bed and what they did to the indigenous people of America—- and before you blink and think that this history applies only to the Native people– remember that the same men responsible for the vast genocide of animals and people described in this film were the ones who set up the framework and machinery of the Great Fraud used to steal our identities as living people and genocide all of us on paper.
This is not a mistake.  This is not collateral damage.  This is the result of a multi-generational rampage by monsters, men blinded by prejudice, greed and self-interest placed in positions of power in our own government: evil in high places. What happened to the Lakota Sioux in physical fact has now been done to all –or nearly all of us– on paper.
Russel Means, one of the wisest of the Native Spokesmen, gave a Farewell Address to the Nation as one of his last YouTube videos as he was dying of cancer.  It was called, “Welcome to the Reservation!”
It was instantly suppressed, though he used no swear words, advocated no violence and only spoke the God’s Honest Truth.  From his standpoint it was obvious what was coming down the turnpike — the attempt the Monsters were making to herd us all onto “reservations” under UN Agenda 21 and now, Agenda 30.
With sly humor and biting, painful insight honed to a fine edge, Russell spoke as he stared at his own death.
He knew that you cannot harm others and cannot harm the Earth without eventually harming yourself.  So all of us who have stood around and let the Monsters rule in Washington, DC, all of us who have mistaken the UN Corporation for the United Nations, all of us who thought it was okay to mistreat the plantation slaves and the Native Americans — have sown the seeds of our own enslavement and destruction.
It’s only logical.  Contempt of any man breeds contempt for all men.
If they profited from seizing title to black slaves, why wouldn’t they try to profit from seizing title to white slaves?  If they practiced genocide against innocent Native men, women, and children— it’s a small step to gunning down white people, too.
So he meant it when he opened his arms wide and smiled and said, “Welcome to the reservation!”  He spoke from a depth of knowing that I can’t hope to describe, and he spoke as a warning to all Mankind, friend and foe alike.
I can’t share his almost-final video with you because it has been systematically removed from YouTube and other networks by those who don’t want their evils exposed—- but I can share this brief and factual history and you can fill in the blanks for yourselves.
This is what happened to the Native peoples and this is what the Monsters have planned for you—- and had guts enough to publish, too, as Agenda 21 and now Agenda 30.  After viewing this video and reading these “Agendas” there should be no doubt in your mind that you need an agenda of your own:


Join the effort to drain the Swamp in Washington, DC, drive the criminal elements of the United Nations back into the sea, force the government of France to liquidate the UN Corporation as a crime syndicate, get the psychopaths out of our military leadership, and put an end to the 150 year reign of these criminal regimes.
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Stunning Leaked Footage of Bunkerville Standoff at Bundy Ranch

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Jury’s Message to Bundy Standoff Kangaroo Court: Not Guilty!

A federal jury in Las Vegas refused Tuesday to convict four accused gunman in a 2014 standoff with federal authorities near the Nevada ranch of states’ rights figure Cliven Bundy.
In a verdict that delivered a stunning setback to federal prosecutors, the jury acquitted Ricky Lovelien and Steven Stewart of all 10 charges against them.
Defendants Scott Drexler and Eric Parker were found not guilty of most charges against them. The jury did not reach verdicts on four charges against Parker and two charges against Drexler.
The results stunned a courtroom full of the defendants’ supporters, many of whom broke into applause when Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Natwovarro ordered Lovelien and Stewart freed immediately.
The judge set a hearing Wednesday to decide whether to free Parker and Drexler pending a decision by prosecutors whether to try them a third time.
Prosecutors said the two men conspired with Bundy family members and wielded weapons to threaten the lives of federal agents enforcing lawful court orders to remove Bundy cattle from public land after he failed to pay grazing fees.
Each man standing trial in Las Vegas faced 10 charges including conspiracy, interstate travel in aid of extortion, weapon possession and assault and threatening a federal officer.
Combined, the counts carried the possibility of more than 100 years in federal prison.
The four were among 19 men arrested in early 2016, nearly two years after the confrontation near the rural town of Bunkerville, about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas.
All 19 remained in federal custody, despite pleas from family members and attorneys for the release of those who have not been brought to trial. Bundy’s attorney, Bret Whipple, notes that his client is now 71.
Bundy stopped paying grazing fees decades ago, saying he refused to recognize federal authority over public land where he said his family grazed cattle since before the U.S. Bureau of Land Management was created.
The dispute has roots of a nearly half-century fight over public lands in Nevada and the West, where the federal government controls vast expanses of land.
Calls for action have grown louder and more frequent in recent years with internet bloggers protesting federal agency decisions to designate protected areas for endangered species and set aside tracts for mining, wind farms and natural gas exploration.
Prosecutors characterize the standoff as an armed uprising by self-styled militia members who answered a Bundy family call to take up arms to prevent the lawful enforcement of multiple court orders to remove Bundy cattle from what is now the Gold Butte National Monument.
Defense attorneys cast the tense standoff as an ultimately peaceful protest involving people upset about aggressive tactics used by federal land managers and contract cowboys.
They point to skirmishes days earlier involving armed federal agents using dogs and stun guns against Bundy family members; the closure of a vast range half the size of the state of Delaware to collect Bundy’s cattle; and corrals set up as protest “First Amendment zone” protest areas for people.
A first trial earlier this year involved men who carried guns, but who prosecutors characterized as the least culpable of the co-defendants. It lasted two months and ended in April with a jury unable to reach verdicts for the four men while finding two other defendants guilty of some charges.

Jury’s Message to Bundy Standoff Kangaroo Court: Not Guilty!
Good news, Paul!
Just yesterday jurors in the retrial of four defendants involved in the standoff near the Bundy ranch in Bunkerville, NV sent a RESOUNDING message to the government: NOT GUILTY!
Jurors found Ricky Lovelien and Steven Stewart Not Guilty of all 10 charges against them and Scott Drexler and Eric Parker Not Guilty of most charges against them. Although they were undecided on a few charges, the jury delivered ZERO convictions.
This was particularly telling in light of the drastic restrictions imposed on the defense by the judge, including prohibiting them from delving into:
● how well-armed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents were or how frightened defendants were of a potential attack,
● any mention of bullying or physically violent behavior of BLM agents leading up to the protest,
● any reference whatsoever to Constitutional First or Second Amendment rights, and
● any testimony from five prospective defense witnesses, whose testimony Judge Navarro pre-screened outside the presence of the jury and ultimately rejected.
Additionally, the judge very dramatically threw one of the defendants off the stand near the end of the trial, struck the entirety of his testimony from the record, and instructed jurors they were not allowed to consider it in their deliberations.
FIJA Advisory Board member Dr. Roger Roots, who attended much of the trial and was present when the verdict was delivered, chalks these verdicts up to jury nullification. “This was almost certainly jury nullification. I see no other realistic interpretation. I say that because the defense pretty much did not put on a case, and in fact, were not allowed to put on a case.”

Click below for more details on this monumental victory for fully informed jurors and jurors’ rights!
For Liberty, Justice, and Peace in Our Lifetimes,
Kirsten C. Tynan
Fully Informed Jury Association
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The Power of the Jury — the Beginning of the End

12405-judge2banna  Justice Anna von Reitz

People have asked me to comment on the Bundy-related trial in Nevada and the jury’s refusal to convict.

If everyone properly understood jurisdiction and their own country’s history, they would know that the ongoing trial is in itself invalid and farce-like and that “US citizens” have no right to address these men or apply their “state of state” statutes to them in the first place.

When this all began the Bundys, if properly prepared, could have turned to the would-be Prosecutors and asked half a dozen questions, then walked away—- leaving their detractors and accusers to bite their own tongues. Or, as I observed to one who accosted me, “You know, you shouldn’t even be talking to me. I haven’t given you permission.”

They are foreign to us.

Hello? Repeat — they are FOREIGN to us.

Even though they speak the same language and may have been born in Little Rock, Arkansas, they are in a different foreign jurisdiction. They don’t play by the same rules or follow the same law. So the next question is, why are we being accosted by them?

Because we are so dumbed down and ignorant that we don’t even know who we are, don’t know our political status, don’t know enough to claim our birthright, don’t bother to copyright our own names—so, of course, we also don’t know that we belong to a different jurisdiction, are owed different courts, different juries, and different forms of law, either.

Bah, and humbug…. anyway, since we don’t know our own butts from a hole in the ground, we get stuck being hauled into their courts and tried by juries who don’t know anything more, different, or better than we do—- which in this case may account for why these cases were acquitted.

The juries are just as indoctrinated and ignorant as we are, so they continue to believe that US Citizens have constitutional guarantees and that rules of fair-play and justice apply in the courts and that common sense should rule the day.

For example, if this man didn’t hurt anybody or destroy any property— where’s the crime he committed?

If he came to the aid of his neighbor against armed thugs who had no right to enter private property— where is the crime?

You see, the jury members still think they are living in America, so they continue to act on the same assumptions as the people in the defendant’s chair—much to the consternation of federal prosecutors everywhere.

This appears to be a case of jury nullification, where the jurors tried the statutory law and found it wanting, instead of the defendants. What else could it be, considering that the victims were not allowed to make any kind of defense and were railroaded throughout on the false presumption of 14th Amendment “citizenship”?

The facts in their favor, the misbehavior and bullying and threats of the federal agents, the wrong-headed presumptions of ownership interest by the federal corporations, the mismanagement of public lands in the western states by the BLM, the conspiracy of “county of county” sheriffs and federal agencies, all that and more wasn’t allowed to be heard in the Defendant’s favor.

So what is left?

The Jurors looked at the charges and realized they were Bushwah.

They realized that these were honest farmers and ranchers who hadn’t done anything wrong according to American Law.

So they tossed out the suppositions and demands of the foreign statutory law on its ear.

Bully for them!

They might have done it in total ignorance, but hey, they did it.

So it doesn’t matter if they were serving as jurors in a foreign court and under the false presumption that they were all US citizens. They did the right thing. They upheld the standards of American justice. And that is what counts.

If every juror and every jury in America did the same, it would not take very long at all for a quiet revolution to take place, as those jurors would one-by-one reject and require the replacement of the statutory laws in the same way that our land jurisdiction jurors can nullify any legislated law.

The jury is the law in America, and as long as we have jurors who have a clear sense of logic and justice and who can reason and weigh facts, the jury however miscast and misdirected and misrepresented, remains our safeguard against tyranny and madness imposed by legislative acts.

And judges like Gloria Navarro.

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Streamed live 15 hours ago

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I am not a lawyer and am not giving legal advice only personal views being shared for educational purpose only.

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Published on Aug 22, 2017
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FACTS!!! Regarding Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Randall Keith Beane’s Criminal Case

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WATCH LIVE: President Trump addresses American Legion convention

President Donald Trump addresses the American Legion convention in Reno, Nevada.

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Flat Earth and Lunar Eclipses by Dr. Samuel Rowbotham (1865)

In this video, I read from the book Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe by Dr. Samuel Rowbatham. IF the testimonies concerning the moon going into full lunar eclipse while the sun is still up are true, then, the standard model must be false. If the standard model is false, what then causes the lunar eclipse? According to the numerous sources cited, apparently, a “dark orb” of some sort (perhaps a “Nibiru” style satellite?) obscures the moon. I also found an interesting ancient Hindu belief along those lines. If nothing else, it’s interesting food for thought.

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