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It will take 6.25 million years for the Federal Reserve to pay up, and this corporate concern is basically, legally, without contract, or, license, to serve as the banking administrator/agent of The U.S.A. Corporation.
  On top of that the World Court ruled that the Government of The U.S.A. owes the Chinese 47 trillion dollars from their 1938 deposit of physical gold for ‘ SAFEKEEPING ‘ PRIOR TO JAPAN’S INVASION OF CHINA IN WW–II.
   The 47 trillion dollar debt was audited by the assignment of auditors from the World Court and supervised by INTERPOL agents, after THE AGREEMENT THE WORLD COURT MADE WITH THE U.S.A, and then completed after being authorized by  )0( issuing an EO to permit INTERPOL a visa to guard the appointed auditors.
  Then,  we have the money owed to V.K. Durham, Et Al.
RIGHT NOW !  THE WORD IS OUT, IN THE LOWER ECHELON BANKING RANKS, ABOUT THE GCR / RV, IQN, DONG , ECT.  Their is a MAD RUSH to get some by the bankster’s, totally duped lower echelon lackeys.
 WFB financial rating was recently lowered from a C-, to a D- !  THAT IS PRETTY SHAKY.  Supposedly WFB’s real estate assets were transferred (sold)  to Deutsche Bank (now floundering ) five years ago . They appear to be a Trojan Horse Bank, therefore , a D- rating

  1. Thank you for the acknowledgement of ‘monies owed’ to V.K. Durham. Let’s be very fair about all of this.  What is held in the Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias 12087, is “held by the Trust for payback to the American People of the U.S.A. for the THEFT and ILLEGAL HYPOTHICATION of properties owned by our families generations ago when W.R. Grace, JP MORGAN and ROTHSCHILD BANKING ripped the American Continent to pieces with fraudulent Guano/Nitrate shipment Bills of Lading from 1870-1872 which devastated Latin America further devastating the Union of the Republics by THE RAILROADS and MANIFEST DESTINY which further devastated the American Indians.

    It did not stop there . . .  it simply kept on keeping on with the U.S. HOUSE AND SENATE MEMBERS making over 500% profits from their investments in the Rail Road Bonds, then afterwards made it illegal for the American People to own gold, to keep the American People from having the ability to “Pay the $2MM Debt to the Conglomerate of the American Federal Reserve Banking System”.

    What is held in TRUST belongs to the Victims of this Banking Fiasco  “World Wide”.

    V.K. Durham has simply been the “keeper of the keys” so to say, of GOD’S TRUST which belongs to the People.  GOD has many names you know which he is called by our fellow human beings in other Nations.

    I think perhaps my Grandmother had the right attitude when she told a group of women in her quilting bee who were gossiping about “the Gott Damn Catholics, and the Gott Damn different religions”.  Grandmother simply said: “Ladies. Do you see my lovely locust trees in my yard?  Of course we do came the reply.

    Grandmother went on to say “Do you notice the branch’s on the trees? Have you given any thought, Ladies that these branch’s represent the different religions of the world, they all go to the same trunk and reach up to God.”

    I was just a bit of a girl when the representatives went around the countryside taking the gold wedding rings from the women back then. I watched as my grandmother gently, with tears in her eyes, took her wedding ring off her finger and handed it to the government man. I then watched her turn to the window and watch those government men walk down the drive way as tears flowed profusely from her blue eyes.  I remember that all too well.

    V.K. Durham has reserved a very small interest for herself…keep that in mind. Also, I have never received a single cent from the TRUST.

    V.K. Durham, CEO-Signatory

    • Reply   V.K. Durham on November 6, 2014 said:


      Clay Douglas interviews VK Durham.    58:54

      Unfortunately, neither Durham Holding Trust, Tias 12087, nor I as the Signatory can restore the lives of Leaders of Nations, Central Bank Bankers who lost their lives due to this Financial Terrorism Financial Fraud Farce. If I could I would! This has been such a waste of lives of innocent people brought about by those individuals of the world who want to go and live on an Island on which only THE VERY RICH are allowed to live, while the poor people are allowed to wait on them.

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REVISED: David Robinson is an Author and Journalist living in the mid-coast area of Maine. He is a Graduate and Alumni of the Brunswick Police Academy. He served as a JUROR seated on the Cumberland County, Maine, Grand Jury for the first four-month session of 2014. Publisher Robinson served 3 months of a 4-month sentence for Conspiracy to defraud the United States, at the FCI Berlin minimum security Satellite Camp in Berlin New Hampshire, as retaliation after he and a friend sued the IRS, unsuccessfully, for Unfair Trade Practices, under Title 15 of the US Code. +++ Maine Lawsuit Against The IRS: For Unfair Trade Practices ( +++ Failure to File & Conspiracy: United States vs. Messier & Robinson - No. 2:14-cr-00083-DBH ( +++ On Appeal from the United States District Court for the District Court of Maine / REPLY BRIEF OF ROBINSON ( +++ Books by David E. Robinson (
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