Smithfield-Selma High has opened up a gun range on campus and it is sparking much debate.

Liberals always talk about how they only want well trained people to operate guns, but when they get their wish, they still are complaining.

They are also air rifles, and only shoot pellets.

“There’s a marksmanship safety test they have to take, and they have to get a 100 on it,” Commander David Wegman said. “In addition to that, they have to sign a safety pledge, get permission from home and then finally demonstrate on the range that they know how to handle one of these air rifles safely.”

America should establish right now – and it may already be too late – to have required issue and training on guns in the teen years.  If these young ones  can join the military to fight for the criminal war machine cabal overseas, then they can certainly train to  defend their own nation and serve in American militias on American soil.  In years past there seemed to be no ‘need’ for it, but now – especially with the corporation ‘government’ in Wash DC purposely bringing in muslims and illegals as ‘immigrants’ and ‘refugees’, now more than ever America needs to seriously consider training the young and the older in self defense of our nation.


About David Robinson

REVISED: David Robinson is an Author and Journalist living in the mid-coast area of Maine. He is a Graduate and Alumni of the Brunswick Police Academy. He served as a JUROR seated on the Cumberland County, Maine, Grand Jury for the first four-month session of 2014. Publisher Robinson served 3 months of a 4-month sentence for Conspiracy to defraud the United States, at the FCI Berlin minimum security Satellite Camp in Berlin New Hampshire, as retaliation after he and a friend sued the IRS, unsuccessfully, for Unfair Trade Practices, under Title 15 of the US Code. +++ Maine Lawsuit Against The IRS: For Unfair Trade Practices ( +++ Failure to File & Conspiracy: United States vs. Messier & Robinson - No. 2:14-cr-00083-DBH ( +++ On Appeal from the United States District Court for the District Court of Maine / REPLY BRIEF OF ROBINSON ( +++ Books by David E. Robinson (
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