Congress Asks Justice Ginsburg To STEP DOWN

Can she be fair?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (pictured) got a letter from Congress that likely has her angry.

When one is summoned for jury duty, if the person on trial has been talked down to by the jury member, the court will not allow that juror to serve. Likewise, if the presiding judge has had bad blood in the press and is openly disliked the defendant in the case, the judge would not be on the case. This is just common sense.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been asked to recuse herself from the refugee case by the Congress of the United States over a similar matter that highlights her open hostility towards President Trump as the main reason for the request.

Asked to recuse.

They begin by informing “Madam Justice” of their request involving her recusal from “Trump v. International Refugee Assistance Project” and by reminding her that her position requires her to do so in cases where her “impartiality might be reasonably questioned.”

Ginsburg is also reminded that this applies to any case where she may have a “personal bias or prejudice concerning a party,” which anyone who has listened to her can tell is the situation here.

Since the case “places the credibility of President Trump directly at issue” and her “repeated public criticism of both candidate and President Trump,” the Justice is not thought to be someone who would be fair towards the Commander in Chief in this matter.

She is haunted by her words, such as “I can’t imagine what this place would be – I can’t imagine what this country would be – with Donald Trump as our president.” In ANY case where such a statement was said by a judge or even a juror, would they be allowed to serve on the trial?

The former ACLU head (American Civil Liberties Union) was also told of the time that she said, “I don’t want to think about that possibility, but if it should be, then everything is up for grabs.”

These are more words which would disqualify anyone from being involved in the case and it should, then, also apply to her.

Former leader of the God hating ACLU

The letter then goes on to mention various media outlets which have also called her ability to serve in this case fairly questionable, such as the New York Times.

It is good to see a Supreme Court Justice being held to the same standards that are expected of everyone else.

Now it just remains to be seen if the biased Ginsburg will take a look in the mirror, remember her oath(s), and do the right thing.

Source: Congressional letter (linked)

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