Crepuscular rays (more commonly known as sun rays) are rays of sunlight that appear to radiate from the point in the sky where the sun is located.

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In Eric Dubay’s videos, he states that images of *sun shining through clouds* prove the sun is NOT 93 million miles away but actually only 3,000 miles. He says the rays from a sun 93M miles away should appear parallel (err… seems to be forgetting about perspective). He says the converging rays can actually be triangulated to the sun’s true position (see the apex of the triangle).

Well if I ‘triangulate’ the sun’s position then I place it just above the clouds… say around 6 miles… that’s similar to a plane’s cruising altitude. The ditch running parallel to the train track also makes an equilateral triangle… does this mean the train ends up 6 miles up in the sky? Or 3,000 miles perhaps? o.O

The key thing is that a 3D image rendered into 2D can have multiple interpretations since there is no depth of field. So both Dubay’s estimation of 3,000 miles and my humble estimation of 6 miles for the Sun’s altitude are BOTH bogus! :-0

— feeling confused.

No not BOTH. Your first triangulation regarding the sun’s position is a triangulation of height, a vertical triangulation, and your second triangulation of the ditch running parallel to the train track is a triangultion of breadth, a horizontal triangulation.
Vertical triangulations and Horizontal triangulations are not alike.
They are as different as apples and oranges.

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