WE ARE TOTALLY MISSING THE POINT!!! Re-read Anna von Reitz Article “Why World War III?” [ paraphrased and linked below ] Are we Americans? or Federales.


As things stand, we are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors in the bankruptcies of both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States—-though they are trying their best to pretend that we are all still asleep, lost at sea, presumed dead.

The DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE is supposed to be protecting us and our land. But the DOD instead is under the control of the Secondary Creditors of both the Municipal and Territorial bankruptcies, the Federales. They are not of us.

We Americans, as the Priority Creditors, should be calling the shots. But who or what is usurping our authority?  It can’t be the usual culprits because they are all in bankruptcy.

So enter Heather Ann Tucci-Jaraff, an attorney for a former Fiscal Services investigation called the Paradigm Project.

Heather is a Bar Attorney, so by definition, she is a Federale. Also not of us.
So everything she does, says, and promotes is for the Federales — federal employees and dependents of the corporate United States. Not “we the people”. So if you follow the Pied Piper and apply for Treasury Direct Accounts when you are not, in fact, a Federale, you will get into trouble because Americans are not eligible for discharge of THEIR debts in bankruptcy.

You are eligible for discharge of YOUR debts, but by a completely different way. You are eligible to CLAIM back your actual birthright ESTATE from the Municipal Bankruptcy Slush Pile, by identifying the rightful heir (you), and probate action.

They must give you back your name, your land, your home, your business, and everything else that belongs to you that they have “borrowed” and are using (usufruct) in your all CAPS name. Give you back, Exempt from levy, and UNHARMED!

This is according to YOUR OWN law.

So if all that the Federales get is to discharge THEIR debts as bankrupts, then what becomes of all the land, and homes, and names, and copyrights, and patents, and other assets rightfully belonging to these so-called “lost” Americans? It all gets rolled into one gigantic global trust called the One People’s Public Trust.

It all gets rolled into another gigantic global trust called the One People’s Public Trust.

In other words, all of your private property is seized by the Federales and rolled into a global version of the Public Charitable Trust — the same instrument they have been using to “hold” and profit from the assets belonging to “freed slaves” ever since the so-called Civil War. They just won’t stop trying to defraud you and everyone else on Earth. It’s one scheme after another, and at every step, they make you an “offer”.

They just won’t stop trying to defraud you and everyone else on Earth. It’s one scheme after another, and at every step, they make you an “offer”.

Sign up here and get ALL your debts released! But they never tell you that those were not your debts in the first place, and that you will be consenting to be a Federale, or a Federal dependent, and consenting for your ACTUAL assets to be seized and thrown into yet another “public trust” for them to plunder.

Sign up right here and be defrauded in another, new way.

These guys very diligently worship Satan. Every lie is a prayer, and every false contract offer is a sacrament.

If they can herd you along into perdition, they will. And they will promise you “candy” to get you to go along with them like good little sheep, instead of forcing them to give you back that which is actually yours—- your freedom and all of your assets.

Just say no. Don’t sign anything.

If they say, “You must sign! It’s a government mandate!” Ask them — which government?

 There is not now and there has never has been “a” Republic. There are fifty “Republican” states organized under statehood compacts occupying this part of the North American Continent. Fifty Republics. Not just one.

Those who are promoting “the” Republic are promoting yet another scheme and obviously not telling the truth.

Wake up. Start thinking for yourselves. Undertake the responsibilities of self-government. There is no other “safe” route out of this mess. There are too many Schemers out there ready to plunder your inheritance. You can’t just stand there like sheep and “let George do it”. There is too much at stake.

If you want your lawful government restored, you have to organize your local county, and then your state government, yourselves. Nobody can do it for you. You have to take it on, hold the meetings, and do the drill.


About David Robinson

REVISED: David Robinson is an Author and Journalist living in the mid-coast area of Maine. He is a Graduate and Alumni of the Brunswick Police Academy. He served as a JUROR seated on the Cumberland County, Maine, Grand Jury for the first four-month session of 2014. Publisher Robinson served 3 months of a 4-month sentence for Conspiracy to defraud the United States, at the FCI Berlin minimum security Satellite Camp in Berlin New Hampshire, as retaliation after he and a friend sued the IRS, unsuccessfully, for Unfair Trade Practices, under Title 15 of the US Code. +++ Maine Lawsuit Against The IRS: For Unfair Trade Practices (http://tinyurl.com/hm8gdls) +++ Failure to File & Conspiracy: United States vs. Messier & Robinson - No. 2:14-cr-00083-DBH (http://tinyurl.com/gwdyaps) +++ On Appeal from the United States District Court for the District Court of Maine / REPLY BRIEF OF ROBINSON (http://tinyurl.com/zyp9f3x) +++ Books by David E. Robinson (http://tinyurl.com/zrr9bxb)
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